Web Design Tips


First choose a domain name that says what you want.
Choose a .com if international or .co.uk if more local.
Ensure your index page has good meta tags inclusive of spelling mistakes, as lots of hits can be gained by having meta tags like 'kar' if you website was called 'car.co.uk' for example!
Plan your site with the number of pages you need. Start with the begining and end pages and fit the others inbetween.
Choose a good design that follows a pattern i.e. just a couple of typefaces and not to many colour paterns.
Use pictures and other graphical devices and not too much text.
Utilise templates when availble but don't be afraid to create your own either.
This website was created by a free package called NVU while at first it may not seem as powerful as something like Dreamweaver it is a good starting point and has the facility for html programming which adds the same power as the aformentioned package but for free!
Look at other websites and get ideas from these on layout etc.



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